KLC Hospitality

KLC Hospitality Joint Stock Company (also known as KLC Hospitality) is a member of KLC Group, specializing in providing services including accommodation, dining, and comprehensive solutions in restaurant-hotel system operation management, from strategic planning, operational optimization, to customer care and brand marketing.

With the motto “Bringing satisfaction to every customer,” KLC Hospitality has made a profound impression on domestic and international tourists.

  • In the restaurant sector: KLC Hospitality owns and manages the “Mua Nuoc Noi” restaurant chain, with a solid Southwest region style, characterized by distinctive design, diverse and rich menus, and dedicated service style, bringing moments of culinary delight.
  • In the hotel sector: KLC Hospitality focuses on providing comfortable and convenient accommodation services. It emphasizes creating a warm and welcoming space for guests to have the best experience during their stay.
  • In brand operation management: With a team of experienced experts in accommodation, dining, model building, and restaurant-hotel system operation, KLC Hospitality takes pride in being the leading unit for services such as space design consultancy, professional and efficient operational management, training and development of human resources, investment, and development of new restaurant-hotel projects.

With professionalism, continuous innovation, and dedication, KLC Hospitality is committed to providing customers with top-notch culinary experiences and hotel services that exceed expectations.

Business model


As a diverse combination of restaurants, eateries and cafes,… we committed to providing customers with wonderful culinary experiences. Dedication and service quality are the top priorities of KLC Service in satisfaction of customers’ needs and desires.


Specializing in room rental, providing high-quality restaurant hotel and high-class resort services. A professional team of KLC Service warrants to provide customers with perfect and memorable experiences.


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