STAREAL Aims for a Breakthrough in 2024 with a series of Key Projects

With the guiding philosophy of “Value Creates Trust,” STAREAL has affirmed its position in the Vietnamese real estate market. 2024 is expected to be a breakthrough year for STAREAL with the implementation of numerous key projects.

Selective Projects, Maintaining the Leading Distributor Position


According to experts, the real estate market in early 2024 shows many bright spots and positive changes. With its sharp strategic vision, STAREAL has effectively captured market trends to make groundbreaking moves.


In the real estate brokerage sector, STAREAL continues to maintain its role as a leading distributor and strategic partner of reputable investors in the market, such as Phu Long, Vinhomes, Nam Long, Khai Hoan Land, 276 Ngoc Long, and more.


Recently, STAREAL became the official distributor of the Khai Hoan Prime high-rise apartment project by Khải Hoàn Land. Mr. Pham Hoang Phong, CEO of STAREAL, shared: “The Khai Hoan Land project has a lot of potential, promising to become a highlight for the real estate market in southern Ho Chi Minh City, meeting customer needs for affordable products.”


Phối cảnh dự án căn hộ cao ốc Khải Hoàn Prime, dự án trọng điểm.
Perspective of the Khai Hoan Prime High-rise Apartment Project.

A standout feature of the Khai Hoan Prime project is combining the “Resort Living” style with the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the management, operation, and utility chain systems. Located on Le Van Luong Street, the project boasts a prime location, easily connected to external amenities and potential value appreciation in the future.


Recognizing the potential of the western Ho Chi Minh City real estate market, STAREAL introduces commercial ground-floor apartments at the Green River project to customers. With advantages such as long-term ownership certificates, prime location on Pham The Hien Street, and developed regional infrastructure, the Green River ground-floor apartments are highly valued for their profitability and meet the investment needs of customers.


Căn hộ trệt Green River.
Green River Ground-floor Apartments

Breakthrough as an Investor


2024 marks a new milestone for STAREAL as the company plans to enter the investment and project distribution field in the Long An area. Although little information has been disclosed, the STAREAL team highly values this project, promising it will be a modern urban area with full amenities such as parks, commercial service areas, schools, and more. Particularly, the project benefits from infrastructure upgrade plans in Long An, including the expansion of Đinh Đức Thiện (DT826) Road—an important road leading to the urban area, to 40 meters wide.


Trụ sở khu Nam và khu Tây của STAREAL.
Headquarters in the Southern and Western Regions of STAREAL

In addition to implementing potential key projects, STAREAL has also made a mark with impressive business achievements in the first months of 2024. With a spirit of dedication and relentless effort, the “warriors” of STAREAL have consistently recorded high numbers of successful transactions, bringing quality products, reasonable prices, and professional, dedicated services to customers.


Các "chiến binh áo đỏ" luôn mang tinh thần quyết tâm chinh phục đường đua giao dịch, hướng tới một năm 2024 đầy bùng nổ và rực rỡ.
The “Red-shirt Warriors” are always determined to conquer the transaction race, aiming for a booming and brilliant 2024.

Mr. Pham Hoang Phong affirmed: “The foundation of sustainable success is the trust and reputation of the business. STAREAL always cares for customers with genuine value, accompanying them on their journey of investment and settlement. With the aspiration to lead the real estate market and contribute to society, STAREAL will continue to build and become a real estate developer with international standards and a top reputation in Vietnam, being the number one choice in the hearts of every customer.”


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