KLC Group: Continuing the Journey of Spreading Love at the 2024 Voluntary Blood Donation Program

Continuing the spirit of KLC members with noble gestures for the community and society, on the morning of June 4, 2024, members of KLC Group participated in the 2024 Voluntary Blood Donation program organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Labor Union under the motto “Every drop of blood donated – A life saved”.


Blood donation is a noble act and a beautiful gesture from society. With every passing moment, there are still lives across the country that need to be saved by precious blood. With just a tiny amount of blood, you can bring hope and save those in critical condition.


Các KLC-ers có mặt tại Cung văn hóa Lao động TP HCM - Địa điểm tổ chức hiến máu từ sáng sớm.
KLC- were at the Ho Chi Minh City Labor Culture Palace – the place for blood donation – early in the morning.

Understanding its importance, the KLC Group Labor Union mobilized members to participate in the 2024 voluntary blood donation program organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Labor Union, spreading the message “A drop of blood donated – A life saved” This activity attracted many of KLC Group’s BOD, employees, and members from subsidiary companies.


Các tình nguyện viên trong tâm thế vui vẻ, thoải mái trước khi thực hiện các thủ tục kiểm tra sức khỏe.
Volunteers were in a cheerful and comfortable mood before undergoing health check procedures.

Mr. Le Thanh Phong, Chairman of KLC Group Labor Union, stated, “Voluntary blood donation is an annual activity encouraged by KLC Group, reflecting the spirit of mutual support, sharing, and spreading love. It brings hope for life and beautifies the ‘KLC person’ tradition over the years.”



Mr. Phong also expressed his pride in witnessing the voluntary spirit of KLC members, who did not hesitate to share their blood with patients in need. For him, it is the most apparent testament to the spirit of solidarity, love, and willingness to help each other, a cultural value that KLC always aims for.



With the enthusiastic participation of KLC Group’s BOD, employees, and members from subsidiary companies, the program recorded dozens of units of qualified blood, contributing to the reserve blood supply for the healthcare sector and meeting the needs of patients requiring blood transfusions.



Ms. Dang Thi Huong Giang, Deputy General Director of Viet Long Capital, shared, “I participate in the blood donation program almost every year, and each time brings an extraordinary feeling, the joy of contributing my small part to saving other lives”.


Anh Huỳnh Chí Hiếu - Một trong những tình nguyện viên tham gia hiến máu tích cực nhất đại gia đình KLC.
Mr. Huynh Chi Hieu, one of the most active blood donation volunteers in the KLC family.

For KLC Group, sustainable development is reflected in business results, humane values, and positive contributions to society. Through these activities, KLC Group continuously affirms its position as a leading enterprise and a united collective, always oriented towards the community with all love and sharing.



Chương trình hiến máu tình nguyện 2024 nhận được sự hưởng ứng và tham gia nhiệt tình từ các thành viên KLC Group cùng các công ty thành viên.
The 2024 Voluntary Blood Donation program received enthusiastic response and participation from KLC Group members and subsidiary companies.

The KLC Group and Labor Union hope that today’s blood donations will bring life, faith, and hope to patients needing blood. More importantly, the spirit of voluntary blood donation will continue to spread, and each drop of blood donated will save lives and contribute to building a better society.


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