KLC Group – 7 years journey “Flash up the Eastern”

April 10, 2024 – marks 7 years of an impressive journey for a dynamic, innovative, and continuously growing enterprise. Throughout this journey, KLC Group has undergone a splendid transformation, ready to fulfill big dreams and create value, contributing to improving the quality of community life in line with its mission.

Rapid Development of the Leading Multi-sector Group


KLC Group, formerly known as Kien Long Real Estate Company, was established in 2017 with just under 50 employees. In its early days, the company focused on marketing and distributing townhouses and apartment projects.


To thrive in a fiercely competitive environment, KLC Group chose a multi-sector direction to reflect its commitment to innovation and breakthrough thinking.


Trụ sở văn phòng Tập đoàn tọa lạc trên “con đường tài chính” Nguyễn Công Trứ, quận 1.
The headquarters of KLC Group located on “Financial Street” Nguyen Cong Tru, District 1.

After only 7 years of formation and development, KLC Group has entered a period of solid growth, with its charter capital exceeding 2,000 billion dong. Instead of focusing on a core real estate sector, KLC Group has expanded into fields such as Finance, Hospitality, Media – Advertising, Import – Export – Retail, Agriculture, Landscape Greenery, Real Estate Management, and Education.



In the financial sector, Viet Long Capital is considered one of the main pillars of the ecosystem through a series of M&A deals in high-potential development areas such as aquatic products, information technology, and credit funds,… According to the industrial model, the most prominent is the sea cucumber farming project. This is one of the rarest sea cucumber species in the world, and it has a mission to make Vietnamese sea cucumber a national brand.


Hải Sâm Việt Nam - Dự án trọng điểm của Viet Long Capital
Vietnamese Sea Cucumber – A critical project of Viet Long Capital

STAREAL, the flagship business of the Group since its establishment, has collaborated with major and reputable investors in the market, such as Vinhomes, Nam Long, Khang Dien, and Phu Long,… with dozens of key projects currently being implemented, over 5,000 products have reached customers.



In the Hospitality sector, KLC Hospitality has invested 5 million USD in the Mua Nuoc Noi restaurant chain with the desire to expand branches across significant provinces and cities nationwide. Meanwhile, KLC Hospitality is developing the KLC Holiday Hotel chain in Phu Quoc, creating a space and service of class for customers to have the best experience when choosing this destination.


Chuỗi nhà hàng Mùa Nước Nổi mang phong cách Tây Nam Bộ của KLC Hospitality.
Mua Nuoc Noi restaurant chain with the Mekong Delta style of KLC Hospitality.

With relentless efforts, KLC Media – a subsidiary operating in the media-advertising sector, has successfully brought the brand “touching” customers through humanistic stories. A typical example is the viral film project “Flooding season – The season of dreams ” and the upcoming “Sea Cucumber – Ginseng of the Sea” as part of the plan to make Vietnamese Sea Cucumber a national brand. KLC Media is expected to bring more products that spread Vietnamese cultural values to customers in 2024.


Hậu trường sản xuất phim “Mùa nước của những ước mơ” 
Behind the scenes of producing the film “Flooding season – The season of dreams”.

In the Import – Export – Retail field, KLC Commercial collaborates bilaterally with significant partners such as ReXil Asia or ESG Wings BV Netherlands to promote the export of Vietnamese food and agricultural products to consumers in the US and European markets, creating effective trade bridges.


KLC Commercial và ESG Wings ký kết MOU trước sự chứng kiến của đại diện hai bên.
KLC Commercial and ESG Wings sign an MOU in the presence of representatives of both sides.

In addition, KLC Agri, Stareal Green, KLC Management, and KLC Edu are also in the process of preparing plans for an explosive 2024.

The ecosystem of 9 member companies, each operating in a different field, but all are interconnected and mutually supportive, creating a proactive position for KLC Group. This also ensures the sustainability of business operations while demonstrating the sharpness and flexibility of KLC Group in adapting to economic and social situations.


Hệ sinh thái 8 công ty thành viên và KLC Edu đang trong quá trình xây dựng
The ecosystem of 8 member companies and KLC Edu is under construction.

The journey of building a happy business


In addition to business achievements, KLC Group always focuses on building a happy working environment for members of the KLC family. At KLC Group, people are considered the most valuable asset because the Leadership always understands that people are the source of strength, the critical foundation of the enterprise.


In August 2023, KLC Group was honored to receive the “Best Working Environment” award – ASEAN Top Brands Award 2023. This is evidence of KLC Group relentless efforts in building a happy environment where every employee feels appreciated, developed, and connected.



KLC Group organizes yearly activities to unite the collective, creating a dynamic, creative, and passionate working environment. Annual team-building events and sports meetings are typical activities that bring moments of relaxation and recharge positive energy after stressful working hours.


Team Building “Tái tạo năng lượng - Toả sáng tương lai" - Chặng hành trình mang lại nhiều cung bậc cảm xúc cho toàn thể CBNV Tập đoàn KLC Group.
Team Building “Reaching a new height” – A journey that brings many emotional experiences to all employees of KLC Group.
KLC Olympic 2024 với sự tham gia của hơn 200 CBNV thuộc Tập đoàn và các công ty thành viên.
KLC Olympic 2024 with the participation of over 200 employees of KLC Group and member companies.

Serving the community spirit


For KLC Group, success is measured by profits and the business’s positive values to the community. Over the years at KLC, alongside business activities, the culture of sharing from internal to external communities has always been maintained and developed as part of the enterprise’s mission to contribute positive values to society.


Specifically, Covid-19 has left many severe consequences, especially for children who have lost loved ones in the epidemic. To share difficulties and bring more hope to these children, KLC Group has implemented a sponsorship program for studying and living support for children up to 18 years old to ignite a bright future.


KLC Group trao tặng học bổng các bé mồ côi do Covid nhân dịp Tết Nguyên Đán 2024
KLC Group presents scholarships to children orphaned by Covid during Lunar New Year 2024

At the beginning of 2024, KLC Group organized the launch of the “Journey of Happiness”, bringing warm Tet to 1000 lonely elderly people and difficult circumstances in the provinces of Tien Giang and HCM City. With the belief that love grows from giving, KLC Group shares their hearts, helping less fortunate people feel simple yet complete happiness.


Đội quân “áo xanh” với một tinh thần người KLC gửi tặng những phần quà yêu thương đến các hoàn cảnh khó khăn tại Tiền Giang và TP HCM.
The “green-shirted” team with the KLC spirit presents loving gifts to people in difficult circumstances in Tien Giang and HCMC.
KLC Group chung tay cùng bà con Gò Công Đông, Tiền Giang vượt qua hạn mặn.
KLC Group joins hands with the people of Go Cong Dong, Tien Giang to overcome saltwater intrusion.

The community service journey of KLC Group will continue with even more meaningful activities. KLC Group believes that when every business shares responsibility with the community, this society will become increasingly better and more civilized.


On the journey to build the position of the leading multi-sector corporation, the journey of “Fash up the Eastern” KLC Group is committed to building a “human-centered” ecosystem – where every member, customer, and partner receives value, happiness, and pride when choosing KLC as their destination.