Tập đoàn KLC GROUP

With the goal of becoming a multi-industry corporation operating in many fields, bringing value to customers, society and making great contributions to the development of Vietnam’s economy, KLC Group ceaselessly strives to create creating quality products, distinct services and optimal solutions, enhancing the position of partners, customers and employees in the digital age. In this regard, one of the important factors in operating and managing the company is KLC culture.

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Văn hóa doanh nghiệp KLC GROUP
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Corporate culture at KLC Group is the perfect combination of 5 core values:

Viral: Interaction and sharing are encouraged so that KLC’s ideas and values are widely communicated, creating multi-dimensional interaction with the community.

Accountability: Promote the spirit of responsibility in all actions, decisions and commitments of KLC, ensuring transparency and reliability.


Loyalty: Honesty and loyalty to customers, partners and the community are the foundation of all activities, building sustainable relationships.


Upright: Adhere to ethics and standards, creating trust and reliability.


Effective: Focus on effective results and solutions, optimizing all resources to bring the best value to both KLC and the community.

Each member of KLC Group is always proactive, strives to learn, and strives constantly to improve themselves, always taking the Group’s culture and 5 core values as a guideline to adjust all their behaviors.