KLC Media: Conveying Emotions Through Every Brand Story

KLC Media operates in Media – Advertising – Event Organization and is part of the KLC Group. Despite being relatively young, KLC Media has made a significant impact with its creative solutions and a team of experienced professionals who have worked for many years at national news agencies, television stations, and major corporations. KLC Media prides itself on being the bridge that brings brands closer to customers, affirming its position in the Media- – Advertising industry with quality products and professional services.

KLC Media – Where Emotion and Creativity Intersect


KLC Media believes that emotions conveyed through brand stories are the key for businesses to connect with customers. Authentic stories about a business’s mission, dreams, aspirations, and products attract community attention, leave a lasting impression, and create a motivational experience for the target audience.



Additionally, to meet the diverse needs of customers and aim for comprehensive solution integration, KLC Media offers media solutions with highly convenient service packages suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small companies to large corporations, such as:


Brand Image Building Package: For new businesses in the market, helping to position the brand and attract potential customers with services like brand identity design, website design, and corporate introduction film production. KLC Media has produced impressive media materials for many reputable businesses.


KLC Media nhận được sự tin tưởng, lựa chọn là đơn vị thiết kế bộ nhận diện thương hiệu từ hàng loạt khách hàng lớn.
KLC Media has produced impressive media materials for many reputable businesses.

Marketing Sales Tools Production Package: Includes sales kits, websites, and video production that attract and effectively support marketing and sales activities.


Brand Promotion Media Package: IMC planning, social & digital marketing, helping businesses spread their brand message effectively across online and offline media channels.

Phối hợp triển khai chiến dịch truyền thông, mang hình ảnh thương hiệu đến đông đảo khách hàng.

Comprehensive Brand Media Package: Multi-channel media, brand repositioning campaigns, optimizing effectiveness, helping large businesses and corporations build a professional and reputable brand image. KLC Media uses the 4C model to understand the business context, build a solid foundation, and provide creative and effective brand strategy consultancy, including brand positioning, archetype, personality, and benefits.

Triển khai gói dịch vụ rebranding cho khách hàng “Nha khoa Quốc tế KAIYEN”.


Video Production Package: Includes TVC production, viral videos, corporate introductions, and television reports, expressed through various perspectives to convey the values and messages of products, services, and businesses. KLC Media also provides live streaming services for professional event events to capture customer attention.



Comprehensive Event Organization Package: Convenient, cost-effective, and professional for all needs, from grand openings and inaugurations to seminars, conferences, and team building.

Đồng hành tổ chức trọn gói nhiều sự kiện lớn.

Throughout its operations, KLC Media has partnered with many businesses on their journey to build and position their brand. Most recently, KLC Media completed the viral film project “Mùa nước của những ước mơ” (Flooding Season – The Season of Dreams), part of the communication campaign for the Mùa Nước Nổi restaurant under KLC Hospitality. Upon its release, the film garnered a large number of views, interest, and shares, significantly enhancing brand awareness and boosting sales for Mùa Nước Nổi.




KLC Media is also collaborating with new brands across various fields to develop communication campaigns, helping businesses reach potential customers and establish their market presence.


A Passionate and Dedicated Team


KLC Media boasts a dynamic, passionate, well-trained team with many years of experience in the media industry. KLC Media’s production team consists of highly skilled professionals who have worked at major national news agencies and television stations such as VTV, ANTV, and Vnexpress and have won numerous prestigious awards in journalism and national television festivals.


Entering the digital transformation era, KLC Media is continually evolving to stay ahead in the competitive Media – Advertising market. KLC Media understands the need for constant innovation, creating continuous value, and striving to provide customers with effective media solutions at optimal costs, helping businesses connect with customers and achieve their business goals.


Shortly, KLC Media will continue to invest in its workforce, enhance service quality, and develop new solution packages to meet customers’ growing needs. Additionally, KLC Media will strengthen partnerships with domestic and international partners to elevate the brand, expand the market, and uphold its core value of “building and delivering brand stories that touch the hearts of the community.”