[KLC Media] KLC Media announces film project on the life of the Mekong Delta – Mua Nuoc Noi

Recently, KLC Media – A member of KLC Group, officially announced a film project centered around the theme of the Mekong Delta . This project is part of the communication plan for the Mua Nuoc Noi restaurant chain, an investment and production of KLC Service.

Known as a subsidiary in the KLC Group ecosystem, KLC Media operates in the fields of Media, Advertising, and Event. KLC Media aims to promote culturally valuable products, spreading the image of Vietnamese culture and people worldwide to enhance the value of its clients’ products and services.

In November, KLC Media is currently in the production phase of the viral film project “Flooding Season – The season of dreams” funded by KLC Service. The purpose is to promote the image and story of the Mua Nuoc Noi restaurant chain to customers nationwide.


The film project depicts life in the Mekong Delta, titled Flooding Season – The season of dreams

This film is a vividly picture about the abundant nature and vibrant life of the people in the southwest region during the flooding season, where the flood brings invaluable natural gifts and a prosperous flow that inspires countless dreams for the local residents.


Filmed in three provinces: An Giang, Can Tho, and Ho Chi Minh City, the production team underwent meticulous preparation from selecting scenes to scriptwriting and early production. To authentically recreate the bustling floating market scene, the design team made efforts to build boats and engaged extras to create lively and familiar images.


The project received thorough investment and preparation beforehand.

“The team spent a lot of time researching the general cultural aspects of the region and the activities of people during the flooding season. We also conducted surveys at various locations to capture the most beautiful images and footage. With the desire for the film to be a vibrant portrait of the life, culture, and cuisine of the Western river region, conveying the stories behind each dish,” said Mr. Nguyen Duy Tuan, the project’s production director.

It is expected that “Season of Dreams on the Water” will be officially released around December 2023. This film provides an opportunity for the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the natural beauty and profound culture of the Southern land through the artistic lens of KLC Media. Simultaneously, the film serves as a vital link to increase the image and recognition for the “Floating Season” restaurant chain among beloved customers. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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