[KLC Service] KLC Service invests 5 Million USD in deploying the “Mua Nuoc Noi” Southern Cuisine restaurant chain

Amidst the lively competition in the Vietnamese F&B market, the “Mua Nuoc Noi” restaurant chain, strongly backed by an investment from KLC Service, emerges as a highly promising name in this service industry. Recently, on November 21, 2023, the first “Mua Nuoc Noi” restaurant officially opened and commenced operations at 54 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Vision and Challenges

In the context of various economic challenges where consumers tend to tighten their budgets, the F&B revenue in Vietnam continues to grow at a high rate, reaching nearly 610 trillion VND, forecasted to increase by 18% in 2023 and reach nearly 1 million trillion VND by 2026 (According to the 2022 iPOS.vn report on the culinary business market in Vietnam).

Nguồn: iPOS.vn
Source: iPOS.vn

The F&B market has experienced cautious growth in the first six months of the year, yet it hasn’t lacked new development strides. The “Mua Nuoc Noi” project, with its long-term vision and timing towards the year-end festivities, presents an advantage for KLC Service to reach a wider customer base. Additionally, the company has prepared robust financial foundations to capitalize on the upcoming growth cycle of the F&B industry in the next 3-5 years. Alongside this, KLC Service remains committed to delivering high-quality cuisine and top-notch service, solidifying its brand in the hearts of its patrons.


“Mua Nuoc Noi” – The Brainchild of KLC Service

The “Mua Nuoc Noi” project is the brainchild of KLC Service – A member of KLC Group, nurtured for a long time. Bearing the mission to breathe new life into familiar flavors, reviving historically significant dishes from the Southern region, KLC Service promises to create a culinary experience and ambiance deeply rooted in the culture of the Southwest amidst the cityscape. This marks a fresh step in establishing the company’s presence on the F&B map in Vietnam.


Không gian nhà hàng được trang trí đậm chất miền Tây với tông màu nâu gỗ chủ đạo.

Moreover, the “Mua Nuoc Noi” restaurant will blend traditional flavors with creativity in dish variations. The diverse menu caters to health-conscious choices, leaving imprints of “Tradition” and “Rusticity” through uniquely flavored dishes prepared in the authentic Western style, using selectively sourced ingredients solely found in the provinces of the Mekong Delta region. This ensures the highest quality culinary offerings to the customers.



With the grand objective of preserving, promoting, and disseminating the culture and cuisine of ancient Southern Vietnam to both local and international diners, KLC Service has boldly invested a staggering capital sum of 5 million USD into the restaurant chain, laying a sturdy foundation to expand the Mua Nuoc Noi nationwide and into Singapore by 2024.



Alongside the inauguration of the “Mua Nuoc Noi” restaurant, KLC Service will debut a film titled “Season of Dreams” in December 2023. The project is invested by KLC Service and produced by KLC Media.



The film is a vibrant portrayal of the natural environment and the lives of people in the Mekong Delta during the flood season. The floodwaters bring invaluable produce and gifts of nature, fostering countless dreams among the locals. Through this film, the culinary cultural aspects of the Southwest region are showcased distinctly, celebrating the distinctive culinary heritage of ancient Southern Vietnam. This will serve as an essential bridge to enhance the image and recognition of the “Mua Nuoc Noi” restaurant chain.


Đội ngũ sản xuất đang trong giai đoạn gấp rút hoàn thiện những cảnh quay cuối của dự án Viral Video, hứa hẹn sẽ mang đến những thước phim đầy cảm xúc.
The production team is in the final stages of perfecting the scenes for the Viral Video project, promising an emotionally charged cinematic experience.


Therefore, with robust financial strength and meticulous investment, KLC Service not only lays a solid foundation for building a highly promising culinary restaurant chain in the coming years but also communicates the cultural culinary story unique to the land of rivers and water to diners worldwide. In parallel with its business endeavors, KLC Service hopes its steps will contribute to the advancement of the F&B industry and the dissemination of culinary cultural values, not only in Vietnam but also globally.

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