Bringing Joy to the “F1 Generation” of KLC on International Children’s Day, June 1st

As a cherished cultural tradition maintained and promoted over the years, KLC Group always pays special attention to the future generation – KLC’s “F1 generation”. On the occasion of this year’s International Children’s Day on June 1st, the Group distributed meaningful gifts to bring joy and laughter to the children.


Những phần quà được gửi đến tận tay các bậc phụ huynh để dành tặng cho các bé.
These gifts were delivered directly to the parents and given to the children.

Each gift, meticulously wrapped with care and affection, represented the heartfelt appreciation and respect from the Group’s Leadership and the Human Resources Department. Every gift carried a wish for the children to stay healthy, study well, obey their parents, and become the pride of their families.



Beyond material value, the program reflects the deep-rooted cultural sentiment of KLC Group, adhering to the principle that “People are central to all activities,” where every individual is cared for and nurtured for the future. Recognizing that children are each family’s love and great motivation, KLC Group strives to create a friendly and cohesive working environment, ensuring every KLC member feels valued along with their families.



“We are always aware of the important role of the country’s young generation,” said Ms. Bui Nguyen Tran Khoi Nguyen, Deputy Head of the HR Department and Deputy Head of the Talent Management Department of the Group. “Therefore,  Group always focuses on nurturing and fostering the F1 generation of KLC to become talented individuals, contributing to the strong and sustainable development of KLC Group in the future.”



The delight and excitement reflected on the children’s faces upon receiving the gifts from KLC brought immense happiness to the organizing team. Additionally, the parents expressed gratitude and appreciation to KLC Group for always caring for their children.


Niềm hạnh phúc của các bé khi nhận được phần quà từ KLC Group.


Ms. Tran Uyen Thanh shared, “Every year on International Children’s Day, my children eagerly await a gift from my company. Seeing my children’s radiant eyes and happy smiles makes me feel grateful for where I work and especially thankful to the Leadership for always caring about the lives of the staff and their families. This not only delights the children but also greatly motivates the parents in their work.”


Niềm hạnh phúc của các bé khi nhận được phần quà từ KLC Group.

With this spirit, KLC Group continues to affirm its position in the business sector and in building a happy and cohesive working environment. These positive values will continue to spread, forming a solid foundation for KLC’s sustainable development and, above all, bringing peace of mind and trust to each family of the staff..


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