[Viet Long Capital] Viet Long Capital collaborates with Phu Yen province in developing sand sea cucumber seedling cultivation

Recently, representatives from Viet Long Capital and Vietnam Sea cucumber investment corporation (VSCC) conducted a working trip to Phu Yen to conduct on-site surveys to develop a sand sea cucumber seedling cultivation center, promising significant benefits for the residents.

Phu Yen: A region entire of potential and prospects

During a meeting with the People’s Committee of Song Cau commune, attended by local leaders and seafood industry experts, representatives from Viet Long Capital and Sea Cucumber Vietnam proposed specific solutions to encourage and support enterprises in expanding breeding areas and creating economic development opportunities for local households.

In reality, Song Cau commune currently has 600 hectares of natural ponds, including 100 hectares of existing ponds, with 500 hectares focusing on breeding shrimp, whiteleg shrimp, and mussels and 20 hectares for sea cucumber cultivation. Sea Cucumber Vietnam has proposed increasing the sea cucumber cultivation area from 20 to 30-50 hectares by 2024. Additionally, Viet Long Capital proposed building a breeding center in Phu Yen to support locals in training and providing seedlings.

Furthermore, representatives of Viet Long Capital and Sea Cucumber Vietnam surveyed the high-tech breeding area in Xuan Binh commune. They visited the breeding area of farmers in Xuan Phuong commune. The company’s leadership highly evaluated these areas’ position and environmental conditions.

Mr. Le Thanh Nhan, Chairman and CEO of Sea Cucumber Vietnam, shared: “Currently, the supply of sandfish on the market is limited. Establishing a sandfish seed production center in Phu Yen will contribute to solving the supply problem for the sandfish farming industry in the country, increasing export volume to the world. At the same time, we will collaborate with the local authorities in training techniques for locals, applying advanced technology to produce the best quality seedlings.”

Sand sea is a nutritious species with high economic efficiency and is favored worldwide. With its long coastline and favorable climate, Phu Yen is considered a province with great potential for developing the sandfish farming industry.

Collaboration with local authorities to establish a seedling center

With outstanding characteristics such as low investment capital and operating costs, stable profit margins, and the ability to reduce the risk of environmental pollution, the Phu Yen provincial leadership has committed to providing maximum support for enterprises to develop sandfish farming projects in general and Sea Cucumber Vietnam and Viet Long Capital in particular, within the aquaculture structure.

Mr. Vo Ngoc Huy, Deputy CEO of Viet Long Capital, said: “We greatly appreciate the support and facilitation from the Phu Yen provincial leadership, along with the stable survival and harvest rates of sandfish. The sandfish farming project promises to bring fairly good profits to local people compared to shrimp and mussels farming models. Moreover, the project will contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture, aquaculture, and the economy in Phu Yen province.”

Đoàn khảo sát đi thăm vùng nuôi hải sâm cát tại xã Xuân Phương

The cooperation between Viet Long Capital, Sea Cucumber Vietnam, and Phu Yen province will focus on locally developing and expanding breeding areas, seedling production centers, and raw material areas. The center will apply the most advanced technology available to produce high-quality seedlings, meeting the demands of both domestic and export markets.

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