[Viet Long Capital] Viet Long Capital announces investment in Viet Nam Sea Cucumber Investmetn Corporation (VSCC)

On December 23, 2023, Viet Long Capital, a member of the KLC Group ecosystem, officially signed a 5 million USD investment agreement with the Vietnam Sea Cucumber Investment Corporation (VSCC)—the world’s first company to implement a closed-loop process in industrial sandfish farming successfully.


At the KLC Group building in District 1, Mr. Vo Ngoc Huy, Deputy CEO of Viet Long Capital, and Mr. Le Thanh Nhan, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Vietnam Sea Cucumber Investment Corporation, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, Viet Long Capital will invest 5 million USD in Vietnam Sea Cucumber Investment Company to develop the farming, processing, and export of rare sandfish jointly.


With this investment, Viet Long Capital aims to collaborate with Vietnam Sea Cucumber to expand production scale, explore new markets, and promote the Vietnamese sea cucumber brand globally.


Vietnam Sea Cucumber Investment Corporation  (VSCC) is the first company in the world to successfully master the closed-loop process for farming and processing rare sandfish on an industrial scale. VSCC chose coastal provinces in the Central region due to their unique soil and geographic characteristics and hot seawater areas suitable for sandfish cultivation. After three years of implementation, the company has perfected the process, including proactive breeding, exclusive sandfish farming processes, advanced technology, and establishing a high-quality sandfish processing plant that meets international standards, the first of its kind in Vietnam. This model allows VSCC to produce a large quantity of sandfish, meeting the increasing global market demand while generating high and stable income for coastal farmers in the Central region. Additionally, due to its nutritional properties, sandfish contributes to improving the marine environment in Vietnam.


Sandfish is among the rarest and most valuable sea cucumbers in the world’s Red Book. The successful cultivation of sandfish by VSCC ensures a stable and sustainable supply of its products and contributes to the regeneration of natural sandfish resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce.


The company will primarily focus on exporting to major markets such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Japan, and South Korea in the upcoming period. For the domestic market, Vietnam Sea Cucumber will introduce premium products such as instant sandfish soup, high-end products extracted from sandfish such as collagen powder, cosmetics, health supplements, etc.


Mr. Le Thanh Nhan, Chairman of the Board and CEO of VSCC, stated, “Viet Long Capital’s investment in Vietnam Sea Cucumber is a significant opportunity for business development. With the strong financial resources of Viet Long Capital, we will have many opportunities to expand production, improve product quality, and intensify marketing activities, promoting the brand. We aim to make Vietnamese sandfish a national representative brand trusted by consumers at home and abroad.”


Viet Long Capital, a core company within the KLC Group ecosystem, focuses on investment and asset management. With robust financial resources, Viet Long Capital has successfully executed major M&A deals in diverse industries such as information technology, import-export, and aquatic products. With experienced leadership and personnel in the financial sector and a direction towards international investment development, the company is gradually asserting its position in the financial investment market while providing capital support for promising startups.


At the ceremony, Mr. Vo Ngoc Huy, Deputy CEO of Viet Long Capital, shared, “We have great confidence in the development potential of Vietnam Sea Cucumber. Sandfish is a premium nutritional product with significant global consumption demand. Moreover, no company or individual worldwide has succeeded in industrial sandfish farming. Furthermore, sandfish are currently on the red list, and the world restricts people from catching natural sandfish. With the advantages that Vietnam Sea Cucumber has achieved, along with the financial strength and experience of Viet Long Capital, we believe it will help Vietnam Sea Cucumber develop strongly and become a national brand in the future.”


Through this investment collaboration, Viet Long Capital and Vietnam Sea Cucumber believe they will open a new chapter, enriching the picture of Vietnam’s seafood industry and contributing to the prosperity of the national economy.