Launching the “Journey of Happiness” to bring Tet to 1,000 elderly people living alone and those facing difficulties.

With a commitment to business aligned with community and social responsibility, on January 20 and 21, 2024, the “Journey of Happiness” convoy, packed with love, officially arrived in the provinces of Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh City, bringing warmth to the lives of those in need here.


Delivering “hearts” to 1,000 lives in need

In the bustling atmosphere of the days leading up to Tet, the “Journey of Happiness” convoy, with the participation of CEO Lam Nguyen and members of the KLC Group, set off to transport nearly 1000 gifts to elderly individuals living alone and families in need in Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh City.
Chuyến xe mang tên “Hành trình hạnh phúc” chuyên chở tình yêu thương và sự sẻ chia đến với cộng đồng.
The “Journey of Happiness” convoy delivers love and sharing to the community.
Đội ngũ hậu cần vận chuyển những món quà đến với bà con.
The support team transports gifts to the recipients.
On January 20, the convoy officially rolled into My Phong commune and My Tho City, Tien Giang province. With the support of the People’s Committee of My Tho City, KLC Group donated 500 gifts to people in difficult circumstances. Each gift includes rice, Tet food, and other essential items, with the desire to bring a whole Tet experience to families and spread the warmth of the “green volunteer team” to the people here.
Then, receiving back the recipients’ radiant smiles and happy eyes contributes to creating a canvas full of emotions, where material means measured love and care but are felt from heart to heart.
Những phần quà được trao đến tay bà con xã Mỹ Phong, TP. Mỹ Tho, Tiền Giang.
People in My Phong commune, My Tho city, Tien Giang gave gifts.
Anh Lê Thanh Phong - Chủ tịch Công đoàn KLC Group gửi đôi lời đến bà con TP. Mỹ Tho, Tiền Giang.
Lê Thanh Phong – KLC Group’s Trade Union Chairman, sends a few words to the people of My Tho City, Tien Giang.
“Đội quân áo xanh” ân cần hỗ trợ các cụ lớn tuổi.
On January 21, the “Journey of Happiness” continued to move to 3 points in Ho Chi Minh City, including the Vinh Son Charity Nursing Home in Binh Thanh district, the Thien An Charity Home in Thu Duc district, and the Lam Quang Pagoda in District 8. These are shelters for older people without families, homes in their twilight years, or what is also known as the ‘peaceful place for the rest of life.’ Accordingly, the leaders and members of KLC Group visited each elderly person, exchanged cultural activities, and gave essential gifts, such as items and daily necessities, to the elderly at the nursing homes.
Các cụ bà tại chùa Lâm Quang, quận 8.
The convoy brings love – Sharing happiness.

Niềm hạnh phúc khi nhận được những món quà tuy nhỏ nhưng chứa đựng đầy tình cảm của Tập đoàn tại Nhà dưỡng lão Vinh Sơn, quận Bình Thạnh.


Những màn giao lưu văn nghệ đầy tiếng cười tại mái ấm Thiên n, Thủ Đức.
Soeur Bich, the “caretaker” at Thien An Shelter, shares, “Here, mostly elderly people who sell lottery tickets with no family or support gather. Some can’t see anymore; others have difficulty moving their limbs… We bring them to the shelter to provide them with food, shelter, and activities. Here, everyone lacks their own family. But when brothers and sisters visit, we feel like we have a big family outside. Receiving the care of the Corporation not only eases the worries during Tet but also brings Happiness because everyone remembers us. Almost all older people here are quite old, so when someone comes to visit and brings gifts, the elders are pleased. We, the sisters and the elderly hope we will meet again on future occasions, with enough health to sing more songs for everyone…”
Những chia sẻ chạm đến trái tim của Sơ gửi đến cho Tập đoàn.
These heartfelt shares touch Sister’s heart and are conveyed to the Corporation.

Looking at older people’s smiles, applause, and grateful songs when receiving shared love from the Corporation, KLC Group appreciates and is aware that its contributions and actions have made the community happier.


Sending and receiving love – Sharing Happiness

Ms. Lam Nguyen, CEO of KLC Group, said, “Happiness can be explained in many ways. For the KLC Group and me, Happiness is giving love and receiving smiles. Sometimes, we always think of grand things and lofty goals and need to remember the value of small things or simply sharing. The ‘Journey of Happiness’ will convey the message and inspiration to individuals and businesses so that we can contribute to bringing more values and meaning to the community and society.
Ms. Lâm Nguyễn - CEO KLC Group hạnh phúc khi nhận lại được những chia sẻ đầy tình cảm của các cụ.
Ms. Lam Nguyen, CEO of KLC Group, is happy to receive the emotional shares of older people.
Love grows from giving, and the heart to share helps those in need feel complete Happiness, even though it is simple.
This year’s “Journey of Happiness” may have ended, but the journey of contributing to the community and society by KLC Group continues.
Đội quân áo xanh của chuyến xe “Hành trình Hạnh phúc”.
The green-clad team of the “Journey of Happiness”.
Every step and every destination not only carries memories but also opens up a promising future. New journeys, new adventures, and the spirit of “Giving is Receiving” from KLC Group will continue to spread widely. The “Journey of Happiness” with the belief that every small action contributes to something significant and can change lives positively and meaningfully. This is also the commitment that KLC Group always aims for in contributing to and participating in social welfare activities and community programs to convey the message of “Sending love, sharing happiness.”