[KLC Group] Unity is strength, the foundation of success

With the principle “Put people at the center of all activities ” and the goal of enhancing the spiritual life of each individual, KLC Group always creates conditions to organize activities to enhance team cohesion. Specifically, on December 17, the Team Building program “Reach the new height” will take place – the most anticipated event of 2023.

Unity Spirit – The Power of Victory

Only talent and knowledge are not enough to make an organization or team outstanding. Unity, team spirit, and cohesion in the working process are even more crucial. When every member of a team is aligned towards a common goal, shares the same spirit, and supports each other, they will experience the boundless power of unity. This is not just the connection between individuals but also the strength to overcome all obstacles and achieve dream-worthy results.


In 2023, despite facing unpredictable fluctuations due to the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and challenges in the economic and political aspects, KLC Group overcame them with unity and relentless efforts, achieving significant milestones. Subsidiaries made their marks on the market, with STAREAL implementing a series of projects with leading real estate developers, KLC Service opening the Mua Nuoc Noi restaurant chain with a total investment of up to 5 million USD, and Viet Long Capital executing major M&A deals with promising projects. These are evidence of a successful start after the restructuring phase.


This illustrates the power of unity and the contribution of each individual in the achievements that the Group has accomplished. The moments of companionship, resilience, and shared effort by all employees have contributed to the success of KLC Group in the past year.

This is also the motivation driving KLC Group to organize the 2023 Team Building program “Reach the new height” with the aim of creating a playground full of joy and allowing each individual to relax after days of hard work. Furthermore, it aims to enhance team cohesion, as team spirit will be the “key” to help teams reach the highest awards of the program.


Team Building “Reach the new height”

The event “Reach the new height” is not just about connecting with nature and personal energy regeneration but also about the power of unity. We will go through challenges together, immerse ourselves in team activities, and learn how to work together to achieve the common goal of winning attractive prizes from the program.


In addition, this year’s Team Building program with strength and collective thinking-demanding games emphasizes that only unity can lead to victory. Through challenges, KLC Group aims to create a joyful and comfortable atmosphere for all members to have the opportunity to socialize and understand each other’s personalities, strengths, and weaknesses to complement and coordinate smoothly with each other. Especially, this is also an opportunity for leaders and employees to exchange and learn experiences in creating tight-knit bonds under the common roof of KLC Group.


Together, let’s ignite the flames of passion, enhance the spirit of unity, and demonstrate the sweeping power that will claim all the incredibly attractive prizes in the “Reach the new height” Team Building program!

Details of the games and prizes of the Team Building game will be revealed by the organizing committee in the upcoming articles! Stay tuned and look forward to the gifts with an extremely large total value in the next newsletter!

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