[KLC Group] Team Building 2023: Journey of Diverse Emotions

Some journeys leave us with memories and imprint various emotions. The KLC Group’s Team Building program “Reinvent the new height” in Da Lat was one such journey for me, where camaraderie and connections made each moment more precious than ever.

From “Strangers on Zalo” to Companions

In the initial moments, there was some hesitation as people couldn’t recognize all the faces of their teammates. Each member came from different departments and units within the Group, with varying ages, positions, and management levels, creating an invisible barrier among everyone.


Starting the journey from Ho Chi Minh City, each team was formed, and they bonded through various activities, exploring Samten Hills, participating in a Yoga class, attending the “Awakened Mind – Abundant Energy” training session, and enjoying hot pot meals in the chilly weather. Gradually, we began to get to know each other more, and conversations became livelier. The invisible barrier seemed to fade away, leaving a comfortable atmosphere among everyone.


From being “strangers on Zalo” during the team formation to becoming companions, participating in activities, sharing smiles and stories, and creating special connections.


On the second day, during the Team Building program, these fun activities became the peak that brought us closer. All the games required teamwork, strategic planning, discussions, and unanimous agreement on plans to achieve good results for the team. The most enjoyable moment was when the entire team, though unfamiliar with dancing, tried their best to “fly” to the rhythm of the gongs presented by the organizers. The hip shakes and graceful turns made everyone burst into laughter. Thinking back, it still brings joy.


The team leader said with a bright smile, “I have never participated in such a fun team-building trip before.” It’s a simple statement but conveys joy and happiness that he wants to share with everyone. Somewhere within me is a feeling beyond camaraderie, a sense of pride in having such fantastic teammates.


No longer distinguishing by age, position, or hierarchy, everyone became one, united and striving to conquer the “station games.” The cheers, encouragement, and cheers from team members were incredibly touching, making me feel not like strangers anymore but a large family working together, fighting together.


The Night of Varied Emotions

The Gala Dinner night held many of the most emotional moments. Watching a clip reviewing the Group’s one-year journey, the KLC plane soaring high, tears almost burst out, not from sadness but from pride, pride in the place where I accompany, pride in the small contributions to the Group’s achievements.


Continuing the emotional journey was listening to the leaders share and acknowledge the efforts of all Group members. It made me feel even more “in love” with the place where I work. After that, on stage, the song “Mother’s Diary” and the heartfelt words from Ms. Uyen – a mother, a member of the Group, sending to her son, “Mother does not ask for anything more, just hopes that you will also meet wonderful bosses and colleagues as Mom once did,” made me highly moved.


The KLC’s Got Talent segment made us laugh as we were immersed in these profound moments. All the performances were excellent and creative, making me feel like I was participating in a reality TV show. Fortunately, I also contributed a performance to the program. Speaking of the memories of bringing a complete performance, it was another emotional journey. Rehearsals after work, tiredness was undoubtedly there, and giving up was confident, but what kept me going was the joy with teammates when ideas popped up, the laughter when seeing other members make mistakes, and the times of “padding the stomach” to continue training. Every member had their responsibilities; some even had families and children, and some lived 40km from the training location. It was undoubtedly challenging, but everyone did it for each other, wishing to bring an excellent performance to the Gala Dinner.


And the struggles and efforts paid off when we won the first prize in Team Building and KLC’s Got Talent. After receiving the award, the whole team was happy, not happy because of the value of the prize, but happy because we had tried together and made efforts to achieve accomplishments worth being proud of.


This 3-day, 2-night journey in Da Lat has taken me through various emotional states. I feel that I have gained a lot: solidarity, getting to know more people, being more harmonious when participating in performances, the joy of engaging in activities with the team, playing games, the excitement when hearing the sharing of the seniors. In the end, I had a very memorable emotional journey.

I sincerely thank the Group’s leadership for organizing this meaningful team-building trip. The journey has helped me understand more about the Group and colleagues and also contributed to my personal growth.

Thục Khuê – P.TTĐN