[KLC Group] Team Building 2023 Event Series: Extended Training Class “Creating Motivation”

On December 17, 2023, at the Terracotta Resort in Da Lat, KLC Group organized an extended training program called “Creating Motivation” for the leadership team, managers of KLC Group, and P&L companies. This training session was significant in the Team Building event series “Reinvent the new height” in 2023.


The training session was attended by more than 20 leaders, including executives and managers from KLC Group and P&L companies. The program was directly conducted by Mr. Nguyen Anh Vu, the President of Mind Coach Vietnam, with a spirit of sharing, openness, and encouragement for all levels of management to participate in discussions and exchanges.


The training class was designed to enhance creativity and motivation for leadership teams. Through in-depth discussions, topics such as motivating oneself to accept personal changes, supporting the team, etc., were applied to real-world scenarios.


Beyond exchanging in-depth knowledge, the program also included practical activities and team challenges to strengthen connections within the leadership team. This marked the importance of building a positive and innovative work environment.


The program was also part of KLC Group’s Team Building event series “Reinvent the new height” in 2023. At the Terracotta Hotel & Resort, the refreshing atmosphere of Da Lat created an ideal space to connect with nature, providing a comfortable spirit ready for change, collaboration, and motivation for change.


Mr. Bui Xuan Phong, Deputy CEO of Operations at KLC Group, shared: “The training class was organized very professionally with engaging and practical content. After participating in the session, I gained a lot of useful knowledge and skills that helped me understand more about creating motivation for myself and the team to establish more effective working methods.”


Through the training class, KLC Group aims to enhance the leadership and change management capabilities of the leadership team and managers, contributing to the Group’s future development.