[KLC GROUP] KLC Group – Steadily Affirming Its Position as a Diversified Investment Group with Strong Potential

As one of the pioneering diversified investment groups in Vietnam’s economic renovation efforts, KLC Group aspires to contribute to the country’s development and community growth and become a solid multinational financial group.


Established in 2017, overcoming challenges and turbulence, KLC Group is entering a robust growth and energy phase to fulfill its grand aspirations. KLC Group owns an ecosystem operating in various fields and continues to expand in scale and quantity. On its six-year preparation journey, KLC Group has transformed into a phase of solid development to spread its core values and contribute to improving the quality of community life, aligning with its mission.


Diversified and Sustainable Investment Group 

To thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, KLC Group has chosen a multi-industry direction to reflect its commitment to innovation and breakthrough thinking. Instead of focusing solely on a core real estate sector, KLC Group has expanded and developed various areas such as Financial Investment, Agriculture, F&B Services, Media – Advertising, Green Landscape, and Real Estate Management. This ensures the sustainability of business activities and demonstrates KLC Group’s acumen in facing economic and social challenges.


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Aspiring to Create a Comprehensive Ecosystem


In building and developing, KLC Group has increased its charter capital from VND 68 billion in 2017 to VND 500 billion in 2023. Moreover, the Group is gradually perfecting the business ecosystem through investments in developing key business areas, contributing to strengthening its vision of becoming a leading investment and economic development group in Vietnam.


KLC Group đã đón nhận 2 giải thưởng lớn “ Thương hiệu hàng đầu” và “ Môi trường làm việc tốt nhất” – ASEAN Top Brands Award 2023
KLC Group has received two significant awards – “Top Brand” and “Best Working Environment” at the ASEAN Top Brands Award 2023

STAREAL, a core member of KLC Group, has made a mark by collaborating with strategic partners and major investors such as Vinhomes, Nam Long, Khang Dien, and Phu Long, with over 16 ongoing projects, 5,000 delivered products, more than 100 cooperating distributors nationwide, and over 300 professional sales staff.


STAREAL - thành viên nòng cốt trong lĩnh vực Bất động sản.
STAREAL – Core member in the Real Estate sector.

In addition, KLC Service, a newcomer in the F&B sector with the mission of preserving and promoting the national identity in each product and service, has invested USD 5 million in the “Mua Nuoc Noi” Southern culinary restaurant chain, offering a top-notch culinary experience in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


Dự án nhà hàng mùa nước nổi với món ăn miền Tây

For financial investment, Viet Long Capital has rapidly become a key pillar in the KLC Group ecosystem through M&A investment deals in high-potential businesses in agriculture, credit funds, and providing advisory services and asset management.


Moreover, the Group’s ecosystem includes Media – Advertising (KLC Media), Greenery – Landscape (Stareal Green), Agriculture (KLC Agri), and Real Estate Management (KLC Management).


Alongside contributing to the country’s economic development, KLC Group takes pride in being a community-oriented enterprise. Each year, the Group allocates over VND 10 billion to various social activities on multiple fronts, supporting the impoverished with love and empathy, providing assistance to hundreds of orphans due to Covid until the age of 18, offering scholarships to students, and participating in programs supporting the elderly, youth, and women. Many meaningful and valuable programs initiated and sponsored by KLC Group have partially helped individuals overcome life challenges, change their destinies, and enhance society’s values.


KLC Group bảo trợ cho hơn 500 trẻ em mồ côi do Covid-19 đến 18 tuổi. Chương trình có sự tham gia của Ông Trương Hoà Bình - Nguyên uỷ viên Bộ Chính trị, Nguyên Phó Thủ tướng Thường trực Chính Phủ.
KLC Group sponsors over 500 orphans due to COVID-19 until 18. Mr. Truong Hoa Binh – Former Politburo member and former Permanent Deputy Prime Minister- honors the program.

With a systematic investment strategy and values that benefit the community, KLC Group is committed to building a “humanistic ecosystem” where every customer and partner experiences happiness and pride in choosing the Group as their destination while contributing to the sustainable development of the country to realize the dream of a strong Vietnam.


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