[KLC Group] KLC Group organizes management training with the theme “Change Management”

On December 6, 2023, at the KLC Training Center, KLC Group organized the first session of the specialized training course “Change Management” with the participation of CEO KLC Group, KLC Group’s leadership team, and the Directors of the P&L companies. The aim was to enhance the management capabilities of the leadership team, adapting to changes in the business market.


The training course, conducted by Mr. Duong Ba Hai and Mr. Nguyen Anh Vu – experts from the Mind Coach Vietnam Academy, emphasized an open sharing spirit, encouraging all levels of management to participate in discussions. The training session focused on crucial aspects of change management, highlighting the importance of adapting to changes in the modern environment and providing leaders with a strategic view of their decision-making role in this process.


Another essential part of the training was analyzing the impact of change on the organization and addressing issues effectively. The course also concentrated on applying strategies and methods to solve specific challenges that each organization faces during transitions, using real-life case studies from recent market occurrences.


The program included group activities and discussions, creating opportunities for direct interaction between the leadership and management levels. This exchange fostered an environment of support and consensus in managing change.


With the full and enthusiastic participation of the leadership and management levels, the training session demonstrated a significant step forward in building change management capabilities within KLC Group and its P&L companies. This event was not only a learning opportunity but also a chance to build unity and deep understanding of change management, laying the foundation for sustainable development in an ever-evolving period.


The main goal of the KLC Training Center is to implement in-depth training, sharing information on key projects for STAREAL specialists, and focus on integration and skill enhancement for all employees of KLC Group and its member companies. This management-level training marks the first step in achieving the Training Center’s stated objectives.


The second session of the training course is scheduled for December 7, 2023, promising to continue delivering important messages and knowledge to drive the ongoing development of the Group and P&L companies in the future.

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