“Happiness” Atmosphere in the First Working Days of the New Year 2024 at KLC Group

Embracing the atmosphere of the early days of the new year 2024, KLC Group welcomes a promising year full of breakthroughs by officially appointing eight high-level executives with enthusiasm and readiness to conquer new goals.


Starting the new year with recorded happiness

KLC Group takes pride in valuing and recognizing the contributions and efforts of its members. Specifically, on the morning of January 9, 2024, at the KLC Group office in District 1, the Group held a New Year kick-off meeting in a relaxed and open atmosphere. During the meeting, the Executive Board officially appointed high-level leaders after a period of companionship and a demonstration of their capabilities within the Group.


Ban điều hành chính thức bổ nhiệm lãnh đạo cấp cao của Tập đoàn 
Ban điều hành chính thức bổ nhiệm lãnh đạo cấp cao của Tập đoàn
Bà Lâm Nguyễn - CEO KLC Group trao quyết định bổ nhiệm đến các cán bộ lãnh đạo.
Bà Lâm Nguyễn – CEO of KLC Group, presenting appointment decisions to the leaders.

The official appointments to new positions are a well-deserved recognition of the efforts and dedication of the appointed leaders in the Group’s operations and activities.


Following this was the annual plan presentation for each department and subsidiary company. With the desire that after receiving specific mission tasks, each department/company will proactively and confidently seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve success. During the meeting, Mrs. Lâm Nguyễn – CEO of KLC Group, congratulated the newly appointed leaders and expressed the belief that 2024 will be a year of acceleration and extraordinary achievements for the Group.


Những tràng vỗ tay chúc mừng đến các Lãnh đạo trong lễ trao quyết định bổ nhiệm vào sáng nay.
Applause and congratulations to the leaders during the appointment ceremony.

Exciting working atmosphere in departments

The joyful and lively atmosphere spread to the various departments within the Group. Everyone exuded positive energy, full of joy and happiness, with a spirit of dedication, determination, and readiness to conquer new goals in the new year.


Không khí làm việc hạnh phúc tại văn phòng Tập đoàn.
Happy working atmosphere at KLC Group headquarters.

Ms. Hoài Uyên shared: “In the bustling atmosphere of selling during the Tet holiday and the arrival of Spring at Stareal, the entire sales team is determined to bring in many transactions for the year. In the new year, our business support team also brings a new source of energy and is always ready to assist sales everywhere, anytime.”


Đội ngũ STAREAL dốc hết tốc lực trong cuộc đua giao dịch những ngày đầu năm mới.
STAREAL team is putting total effort into the transaction race in the early days of the new year.

Continuing the festive atmosphere at the beginning of the new year within the Group, KLC Group is also preparing for the “Journey of Happiness” to spread love and share happiness to the community on January 20 and 21. The program will bring practical gifts and a touch of compassion to the hands of 1000 lonely older people in Ho Chi Minh City and Tien Giang. This is the Group’s charity activity at the beginning of 2024, reflecting human and cultural values and contributing joy and happiness to those in difficult circumstances.


hành trình hạnh phúc

With an inspiring working atmosphere and the acknowledgment of valuable contributions to the Group, this will be a great start to a new year full of happiness and promising prospects.