[STAREAL] STAREAL Warriors Are Energized at Nam Long Group’s “Amazing Race” Kick-Off Event

On the evening of October 21, 2023, the “Amazing Race” Kick-Off ceremony for Nam Long Group’s four key projects took place at the Waterpoint Urban Area Central Park in Ben Luc, Long An, Vietnam. The event was a grand affair, attended by over 1,000 business “warriors”. STAREAL participated in the event as a strategic distributor for Nam Long Group’s key projects.


STAREAL's team brought a spirit of determination and a commitment to success to the event. They aimed to shake up the market and ignite enthusiasm.
STAREAL’s team brought a spirit of determination and a commitment to success to the event.

Stirring up the market, igniting emotions

At the ceremony, Nam Long Group, the developer, aimed to boost the motivation and excitement of the distribution network in the upcoming journey. They did this not only by creating explosive emotions through a lively EDM music party but also by sharing crucial information about the potential and officially announcing detailed information and analyzing the advantages of their four key projects: Ehome, Akari City, Mizuki Park, and Waterpoint. This was done to establish solid trust and provide the foundation for all “warriors” to confidently bring quality products to their customers.


The highlight of the event was the emotionally charged kick-off ceremony. Amid a grand spectacle, representatives from the developer, along with 21 strategic distributors, demonstrated their strong commitment and unity. This marked the beginning of an incredible journey to deliver these four projects to all customers, ensuring that every family could own a home that fits their budget.


As the event approached its conclusion, the atmosphere became more energetic, and the warriors’ enthusiasm intensified. In addition to this, there were dynamic interactions, engaging mini game shows, and fiery performances by famous artists, all contributing to boosting morale and motivation for all the attending sales professionals.


The Kick-Off event ended with resounding cheers from over 1,000 business employees, showing their readiness to compete, clear the sales board, and create a real estate market upheaval at the end of the year.


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Together, accelerate and achieve remarkable breakthroughs

STAREAL, with its proven capabilities through projects like AK Neo – Akari City GĐ2, continues to earn the trust and selection of Nam Long Group as the bridge to distribute a series of quality products in the next Akari City, Mizuki Park, Waterpoint, and EHome Southgate projects during the “Strategic Distributor Signing Ceremony.” This ceremony took place on the morning of October 17, 2023, at the Capital Tower (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City).




With a professional workforce, constant real market research, regular internal training programs, and the standardization of sales materials, STAREAL is confident in its collaboration with Nam Long Group to assist homebuyers. They are focused on providing solutions, sharing accurate and complete information, and presenting ideal investment and housing opportunities to customers as soon as the initial project details are announced. Maintaining a prepared and committed mindset, so that as soon as the initial information about the projects is announced, it is also the moment when STAREAL’s professional sales team can rapidly provide solutions, accurately share information, and offer comprehensive ideal investment and housing opportunities to customers.


Mr. Hao Nguyen, Deputy Director of the Business & Marketing Department at STAREAL, shared: “The ‘Amazing Race’ Kick-Off event has provided the sales team with a wealth of information and superior advantages of the projects. We believe that the close cooperation between Nam Long and its distributors will help us develop and succeed together. Above all, STAREAL’s collaboration with Nam Long is for the common goal of delivering quality products and value to customers. STAREAL is committed to dedicating its efforts and passion to the key projects of Nam Long Group and promises to thrive in the near future.”


Through the “Amazing Race” Kick-Off event, STAREAL’s team demonstrated unity and determination to “clear the sales board” and achieve their goals.


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