[KLC Service] KLC Service: Brand Positioning in the Vietnamese F&B Market

In a fiercely competitive service market likened to a challenging racetrack with numerous formidable competitors, KLC Service, a member of the KLC Group ecosystem, with its robust capabilities, sets the goal of establishing its brand as a shining star in the Vietnam F&B industry.

Positive Signals from the Vietnam F&B Market

Despite various economic challenges, consumers tend to tighten their budgets. However, the F&B sector in Vietnam continues to achieve substantial growth. It reached an impressive revenue of nearly 610 trillion VND, with a projected 18% growth in 2023 and an expected revenue of almost 1 quadrillion VND by 2026 (Source: 2022 Food & Beverage Business Market Report by iPOS.vn).


Source: iPOS.vn
Source: iPOS.vn

According to surveys, 53% of Vietnamese people often prefer traditional restaurants and eateries for simple reasons such as convenient locations and the trend of dining out for experiences instead of cooking at home. Recognizing the market potential, KLC Service envisions a project that brings the delightful flavors of the Mekong Delta to not only domestic but also international customers in the city center.


Moreover, KLC Service has a clear vision of becoming an integral part of the diverse ecosystem within KLC Group. The company aims to establish a closely interconnected business model among its services. Its mission prioritizes customers while emphasizing “TAM – TIN” as the core element in all activities. With commitments like “Cooking with all our hearts” and “Serving with all our sincerity,” KLC Service introduces a new standard in the service industry, determined to become a top-notch professional brand in Vietnam and extend its reach globally.


The elegant logo takes the shape of an
The elegant logo takes the shape of an “S” resembling the Vietnamese S-shaped land, with an emblem featuring two conical hats representing the national spirit, the company’s expansion, and its two core values: TAM – TIN.

The “Mua nuoc noi” Culinary Restaurant Chain Project

Driven by an endless love and passion for the cuisine and cultural heritage of the Southern region of Vietnam, KLC Service aspires to contribute to bringing Southern cuisine to a wide range of local and international diners.


To accomplish this, the company has invested a significant capital of 5 million USD in the project named “Mua nuoc noi”. With a strong financial resource, this project forms a solid foundation for the restaurant chain’s rapid future expansion. Most importantly, it focuses on positioning its brand within the Vietnam F&B market.


Lương Thế Anh, CEO of KLC Service, shares: “We are determined to develop into one of the top companies in the F&B industry, with an ecosystem comprising various restaurant chains, cafes, and culinary services. Investing significant financial resources and collaborating with renowned F&B experts reflect our strong commitment to conquer the Vietnam F&B market and promote Vietnamese culinary culture on the international stage.”


Continuous quality testing and improvement, menu diversification, and adherence to the authentic essence of regional cuisine are the hallmarks of “Mua nuoc noi” restaurants. The ingredients used are meticulously sourced from local suppliers to ensure freshness and authenticity. This approach serves as a key to satisfying even the most discerning and culturally savvy diners looking for the authentic flavors of Southern Vietnam.


The dishes are meticulously prepared by KLC Service's experienced chefs.
The dishes are meticulously prepared by KLC Service’s experienced chefs.

The restaurant ambiance at “Mua nuoc noi” follows a rustic style, predominantly featuring wooden elements and a warm color palette under warm yellow lighting. Every detail, from chopsticks and bowls to small decorative items, is thoughtfully prepared to create a cozy, homely, and communal atmosphere.


3D Rendering of
3D Rendering of “Mua nuoc noi” Restaurant in District 1’s City Center

Currently, the KLC Service team is diligently finalizing preparations for the grand opening of the first “Mua nuoc noi” restaurant, scheduled to take place in November at 54 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, KLC Service is confident in delivering exceptional products and services, earning the trust of customers who appreciate the flavors and cultural heritage of the Southern Mekong Delta. Once again, this reaffirms the brand’s position and reputation, both for KLC Service and “Mua nuoc noi” in the hearts of customers.