KLC Service Brings Southern Cuisine to the Vietnamese Tet Festival 2024

In the festive atmosphere of the Lunar New Year of the Dragon 2024, KLC Service had the honor of accompanying the Young Chef Association (YCA) in participating in the Vietnamese Tet Festival held from January 18 to January 21, 2024, at Le Van Tam Park, District 1. 


The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism and the Vietnam Culinary Culture Association (VCCA) organized the festival in collaboration with the Department of Industry and Trade. The event aimed to recreate traditional Tet activities, allowing people and tourists from three regions to experience the cultural values of Tet.


KLC Service is one of the partners with the Young Chef Association (YCA) at this year’s Vietnamese Tet Festival, creating a unique and memorable space. The company presented a feast from Southern Vietnam, featuring 37 outstanding dishes from the region to promote the area’s culinary culture.


This year, the Vietnamese Tet Festival’s theme is “Ancient and Modern Vietnamese Tet.” The Southern Region joint house booth is one of the festival’s highlights, bringing together renowned culinary establishments from the South, including the Mua Nuoc Noi Restaurant – KLC Service. Among the 37 featured dishes, Mua Nuoc Noi will contribute 16 dishes, showcasing the essence of Southern cuisine to the community and visitors.


At the Southern Region typical house booth, Mua Nuoc Noi restaurant and other F&B companies and culinary associations from Southern provinces are responsible for displaying dishes. Each day will feature different meals, including signature dishes from Mua Nuoc Noi restaurant prepared by KLC Service chefs at the festival.


 With meticulous care, KLC Service aims to bring local and international visitors an authentic Southern Tet feast.
 Representatives from KLC Service and the Young Chef Association (YCA) collaborated to showcase the Tet feast, which showcases the culinary space of the Southwest region.

The displayed dishes at the Mua Nuoc Noi booth are all traditional and long-standing specialties of the Southern region. Some notable dishes include:

  • Mua Nuoc Noi Salad: a unique salad from the Mekong Delta made from local greens and fresh seafood.
  • Grilled “Thum” Chicken: a distinctive dish from the Mekong Delta made from free-range chickens, marinated with spices, and grilled in bamboo tubes.
  • Cà Mau Crab Spring Rolls: a dish made from fresh Cà Mau crabs and other seafood like shrimp, squid, and pork.
  • Braised Snakehead Fish in Coconut Water – Vinh Long: a rustic but flavorful dish made from braised snakehead fish with spices such as fish sauce, sugar, and pepper, with a unique sweetness from coconut water.

  • Fermented Fish Hot Pot: a typical Southern dish made from fermented fish, combined with various vegetables, roots, and fruits.
  • Fresh Spring Rolls: a healthy dish made from rice paper rolls, pork, shrimp, and fresh vegetables.

The dishes displayed at the Mua Nuoc Noi booth attracted many visitors, providing an excellent opportunity for tourists to experience Southern cuisine and learn about the traditional Tet culture of Vietnam.


KLC Service hopes that with the participation of Mua Nuoc Noi, the Vietnamese Tet Festival 2024 will contribute to promoting the culinary culture of the Southern region, specifically the Southwest cuisine, to both domestic and international visitors.