[KLC Hospitality] KLC Hospitality Launches Special Promotion “Celebrate the Holidays with Mua Nuoc Noi” for April 30th – May 1st

The April 30th – May 1st holiday is approaching, and everyone is excitedly planning fun activities, culinary experiences, and gatherings with family and friends. If you are a food lover and enjoy exploring the cultural lifestyle of the Southwest, then “Mua Nuoc ” will be an ideal destination for you.

A Variety of Unique Southwest Cuisine


At “Mua Nuoc Noi”, diners can not only enjoy the rich culinary space of the river regions but also savor traditional dishes made from fresh, rustic ingredients, preserving the quintessential flavors of old Southern Vietnam.


Mùa Nước Nổi mang vẻ đẹp kết hợp giữa nét truyền thống và hiện đại của miền Tây Nam Bộ.
“Mua Nuoc Noi” embodies a blend of traditional and modern beauty of the Southwestern region.

The menu at “Mua Nuoc Noi” is highly diverse, with over 100 different dishes such as Gỏi tép bông điên điển (shrimp salad with sesbania flowers), cá lòng tong kho tiêu (braised small fish with pepper), cá linh chiên giòn cuốn rau rừng Lục tỉnh (crispy fried fish wrapped with wild herbs), Mua Nuoc Noi hotpot, crab hotpot, cơm huyết rồng – heo nướng xiên (red rice with grilled skewered pork), countryside duck curry with bananas and taro, … Each dish carries a delicate, unique flavor but remains deeply rooted in the local spirit, captivating diners from the first taste.


Cá linh chiên giòn cuốn rau rừng Lục tỉnh - linh hồn của Mùa Nước Nổi với nguyên liệu tươi ngon.
Crispy fried  wrapped with wild herbs from six provinces – the soul of “Mua Nuoc Noi” made with fresh ingredients.
Lẩu Mùa Nước Nổi - Món ăn đặc trưng tại Mùa Nước Nổi mang trọn tinh túy của ẩm thực Lục tỉnh.
Mùa Nước Nổi hotpot – a signature dish that encapsulates the essence of  Southwest cuisine.

The traditional kitchen area behind the restaurant, with its familiar wood-fired stoves, piques everyone’s curiosity and interest. This is also where the desserts are made – a place that offers a variety of sweet treats for you to enjoy. From chè bà ba (a traditional sweet soup), chè chuối chưng (banana sweet soup), chè bánh lọt (cendol), to bánh ít (sticky rice cakes) and bánh bèo (water fern cakes), diners are free to explore and indulge.


Bếp bánh nhà hàng Mùa Nước Nổi.
The dessert kitchen at “Mua Nuoc Noi”.
Mâm bánh quê luôn làm ai thưởng thức xong cũng phải nao lòng.
he rustic dessert platter always leaves a lasting impression on anyone who tries it.

Enjoy to the Fullest with Many Promotions


KLC Hospitality brings you a special promotion, “Celebrate the Holidays with Mua Nuoc Noi” with many attractive offers this holiday.. 


Specifically, for bills from 1 million VND, customers will immediately receive a voucher for the next visit, including:

  • 01 complimentary appetizer
  • An additional 5% off the total bill

Especially the complimentary appetizer in the voucher is created by the chefs at “Mua Nuoc Noi” inspired by the “unique Mua Nuoc Noi essence”, exclusively for this promotion and not available on the regular menu:

  • Pig ear salad with kaffir lime leaves: Crunchy pig ears combined with fragrant kaffir lime leaves make for a delightful snack.
  • Premium mushrooms sautéed with tamarind leaves: Chewy mushrooms infused with a mild sourness from tamarind leaves, awakening the taste buds for a perfect Southwestern meal.
  • Sea mushroom salad: Tender squid combined with shredded green papaya and a light sweet and sour sauce creates a quintessentially famous salad.


With this promotion, KLC Hospitality aims to provide customers with the best culinary experiences during the April 30th – May 1st holiday. Come to Mua Nuoc Noi to enjoy delicious dishes with rich Southwest flavors and a cozy atmosphere with family and friends.


Contact for Reservations

Hotline: 0767 079 479

Website: https://muanuocnoi.vn/ 

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/nhahangmuanuocnoi