KLC GROUP Organizes Kick-Off for Two Important Projects

On January 18, 2024, KLC Group held a kick-off meeting for two projects: MISA AMIS online and KLC Helpdesk Portal (Jira) in business operations to optimize workflows, save time, and enhance management efficiency.


The meeting was chaired by Mr. Bùi Xuân Phong – Deputy CEO of Operations at KLC Group, Mr. Trần Trung Kiên – Financial Director and Chief Accountant, along with the participation of representatives from departments/units within the Group and its subsidiary companies.



The first project is the KLC Helpdesk Portal. It aims to build and deploy a solution for receiving and providing service feedback on the Jira Service Management online platform of KLC Group and its subsidiary companies. This project helps improve efficiency, optimize management processes, and streamline task reception.



Mr. Bùi Xuân Phong – Head of the KLC Helpdesk Portal project, also mentioned: “In the Industry 4.0 era, continuous improvement and the application of technology in business operations demonstrate KLC Group’s readiness for change and international integration.”


“The KLC Helpdesk Portal is the first step in adapting flexibly to the digital age, facilitating faster and simpler communication between departments/units,” he added.


The second project implemented is MISA AMIS online, aimed at building and deploying an enterprise management accounting solution and a financial reporting system applied to KLC Group and its subsidiary companies. This is considered a significant step forward, promising effectiveness and comprehensiveness in financial management.



Mr. Trần Trung Kiên – Head of the MISA AMIS online project, shared: “Implementing the MISA AMIS online solution will help the Group and its subsidiary companies automate accounting processes, financial management, saving time and costs while improving the accuracy and transparency of accounting data.”


The application of these two projects to the Group’s operational processes aims to modernize and professionalize the management system, gradually integrating it into the international arena. This allows the Group to manage, monitor, and avoid errors easily, especially with the increasing workload and expanding workforce, coupled with the rapid and outstanding development of KLC Group.