KLC Group organized orientation program for new employees

On January 27, 2024, at the KLC Training Center, KLC Group conducted an orientation program for nearly 70 newly hired personnel. The training session aimed to facilitate the quick integration of new members into the environment and provide them with additional information  KLC Group.


The staff participated in an orientation program.

he training session was led by Ms. Bui Nguyen Tran Khoi Nguyen, Deputy Head of the Human Resources Development Department of the Group, and representatives from the KLC Group’s leadership.


The Orientation program is the first training program for newcomers to the Group. The training helps new employees gain an overview of the Group and quickly engage in their work. Besides professional knowledge, understanding operational procedures and activities among departments/offices/member companies is also crucial.

The Orientation program includes introductions about KLC Group and the Group’s ecosystem, corporate culture, regulations, and policies, especially the salary and bonus system. The information delivered by the Human Resources Development team helps new employees understand more about the Group and the benefits they will receive, ensuring that members feel confident to contribute value to the enterprise.

Bà Bùi Nguyễn Trần Khôi Nguyên - Phó phòng Phát triển nguồn nhân lực KLC Group chia sẻ về lịch sử hình thành, tầm nhìn và sứ mệnh của Tập đoàn
Ms. Bui Nguyen Tran Khoi Nguyen, Deputy Head of Human Resources Development Department of KLC Group, shared the history of the formation, vision, and mission of the Group.

To liven up the atmosphere, the organizers also created “mini-games” to help employees review knowledge and relax after the long sharing session.

Tổ chức một số “mini game” giúp các CBNV tham gia hào hứng và vui vẻ hơn.
Organizing some “mini-games” helped employees participate more enthusiastically and joyfully.

Additionally, Ms. Khoi Nguyen emphasized KLC Group’s cultural factors, “Viral – Accountability – Loyal – Upright – Effective,” which constitute the VALUE culture – the value of building the culture and people of KLC, contributing value to the country’s economy. She also answered some questions to help new personnel understand more about the working environment, culture, and internal regulations of the Group.

Ms. Khoi Nguyen detailed the five core values that the Group aims for.

After the training session, Mr. Ho Ngoc Liem, the Legal Affairs Specialist of the Group, shared: “The  session has helped me understand more about the overall situation as well as the culture within the Group. The small games interspersed throughout the program were also very interesting, fun, and helpful for memorizing information. Initially, I felt slightly overwhelmed, but I believe KLC Group will be a good working environment for me to develop, learn, and improve with my colleagues.”

Anh Hồ Ngọc Liêm - Chuyên viên Pháp chế nhận phần quà dành cho người trả lời đúng và nhanh nhất trong bài thi kiểm tra cuối chương trình.
Mr. Ho Ngoc Liem, a Legal Affairs Specialist, received a prize for being the quickest and most accurate responder in the program’s final test.

KLC Group follows the principle of “People are the focus of all activities,” considering human resources as a vital foundation for the company’s development. The Group is committed to continuously building and developing high-quality new hire integration programs, helping new employees integrate into the new working environment and maximize their potential.