[KLC Group] KLC Warriors Ignite Sports Spirit at KLC Olympic

As part of the commemorative activities marking its 7th Anniversary, KLC Group organized the KLC Olympic 2024 sports event under the theme “Power of Connection – Leading to Success.” This event aimed to strengthen the camaraderie spirit among KLC personnel, preparing them for new endeavors and sustainable development goals.

Shining the Unity Strength of KLC Members

Celebrating its 7th Anniversary, KLC Group hosted a sports day exclusively for all KLC staff members and affiliate companies within the Group’s ecosystem. KLC Olympic 2024 was a platform to promote physical fitness, improve health, and foster unity among KLC employees. Still, it also showcased the distinctiveness of the corporate culture and cultivated a dynamic, cohesive work environment.


Hình ảnh toàn cảnh Hội thao KLC Olympic 2024
Comprehensive View of the Sports Event

Through 4 competitive categories comprising 6 official disciplines: Track and Field, Archery, Tug of War, and Soccer, KLC Olympic 2024 attracted nearly 200 athletes. Participants from various departments, divisions, and companies within the Group’s ecosystem shared a common goal of unity and teamwork to vie for the highly coveted prizes at this year’s sports event.


Cán bộ nhân viên nữ Tập đoàn và công ty thành viên tham gia bộ môn điền kinh nữ
Female staff members of KLC Group and affiliate companies participating in the track and field event.

Speaking at the event, representatives from the Group’s leadership shared: “Teams with names such as ‘Viral – Accountability – Loyal – Upright – Effective’ symbolize 5 distinct imprints of the KLC spirit, which are also the 5 elements constituting the core VALUE – the essence of KLC Group. Each athlete represents the spirit of a collective, like pieces of a puzzle forming a complete picture.” Moreover, the KLC Group leadership also offered encouragement, cheering on athletes to compete with integrity and nobility at KLC Olympic 2024.


Ban lãnh đạo Tập đoàn và các công ty thành viên
Leadership Team of KLC Group and PnLcompanies

In the lively and enthusiastic atmosphere, each member donning their distinctive green and red jerseys stood united, side by side, giving their all in the competitions, achieving impressive results in line with the theme “Power of Connection – Leading to Success” that KLC Olympic 2024 set forth.

Placing People at the Core of All Activities

Through the KLC Olympic 2024 sports event, KLC Group aims to preserve and promote the good cultural values of KLC members, thereby creating a cohesive and robust KLC community, contributing tangible values to the overall development of KLC Group.



With the motto “Placing people at the core of all activities,” the KLC Group leadership prioritizes and addresses its members’ physical and mental well-being. The regular organization of sports activities like KLC Olympic 2024 is a practical effort to create a bonding playground, igniting new energy sources to empower individuals and enhance effectiveness in their work.


Đội tuyển bóng đá KLC Group FC
KLC Group FC soccer team


In the future, KLC Group will continue to nurture its corporate culture centered on people, emphasizing a balanced lifestyle between work and leisure. The Group relentlessly strives to build a dynamic, creative, and cohesive environment where every individual is empowered, awakening potentials and synergizing breakthroughs on the journey towards the Group’s common goals.

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