[KLC Group] KLC Group Launches the “Base” Digital Workspace and Management Project

On the afternoon of January 22, 2024, KLC Group organized a Kick-off meeting for the project to build a digital workspace and digital management system (Base) at the Group’s office in District 1. The Group will implement this most critical management project in 2024 to modernize, optimize work processes, improve management efficiency, and increase labor productivity. 


The meeting was chaired by representative of KLC Group’s leadership, Mr. Tran Chi Thao – Head of IT Department of KLC Group, and leaders from various departments, representatives of Group Departments, and subsidiary companies.


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The goal of the Kick-off meeting is to demonstrate the leadership’s determination and help managers understand the Base and why this software needs to be implemented in the enterprise. He also emphasized the importance of the Base project for the Group’s digital transformation process.


Representative of KLC Group’s leadership, stated: “In the context of deepening international integration, building a digital workspace and digital management is essential for the Group to enhance competitiveness and meet the management needs as the scale continues to expand rapidly.”


According to the plan, the project will be implemented within three months, including critical stages: Ice Breaking, Conversion, System Setup, Internal Communication, Training & Education, and Application during the deployment phase. With the Base Work+ and Base Info+ solutions, all activities will be completely digitized, and all work will be processed using the Base software.


“Building a digital workspace – Digital Work Space will facilitate convenient work exchanges, unaffected by geographical distances,” said Mr. Tran Chi Thao.


Mr. Bui Xuan Phong shared: “The project to build a digital workspace and digital management is the most important project when applying technology to management and operations that KLC Group is currently implementing. Accordingly, Base will be the place where Group leaders have an overview of the execution of the business when all operational information will be quantified and detailed. From there, leaders can make decisions based on data anywhere and on any device.”


Digital transformation to apply technology to life is inevitable. However, the digital transformation journey is long, requiring time for experience, improvement, and operation. The project’s success will depend on the proactiveness and change in the working habits of each employee. Currently, the top priority is to put the system into official operation with a daily usage rate of over 80%. At the same time, the Project Team is committed to optimizing operations, enhancing user experience, creating a digital data resource hub for the enterprise, and providing support for KLC Group to achieve its goal of becoming a leading diversified group in Vietnam and expanding globally in the coming years.