KLC Group Initiates “Journey of Happiness” for 1000 Elderly People in Need in Ho Chi Minh City and Tien Giang

Every Tet holiday, as the Lunar New Year approaches, everyone wishes to be surrounded by family, enjoying moments of reunion with loved ones. However, for those in solitary circumstances, such joy often seems distant. To demonstrate a spirit of mutual support and help bring a warm and happy Tet to less fortunate lives, KLC Group has planned the “Journey of Happiness” to reach Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh City on January 20 and 21, 2024, respectively.


Bringing Warm Tet to Solitary Lives


According to information from the Population – Family Planning Department of Tien Giang Province, there are currently nearly 4,300 elderly individuals in solitary situations in the province who need assistance. Most elderly individuals face difficulties and rely on state subsidies for their living. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are thousands of older adults living alone in shelters and nursing homes. Many of these elderly individuals are in poor health, cannot work, and have no family members to care for them.


Understanding these elders’ challenges, KLC Group has launched the “Journey of Happiness” program, bringing warmth to 1000 elderly individuals living alone in Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh City during the Tet holiday of the Year of the Dragon.


KLC Group và hành trình mang Tết ấm đến với những mảnh đời khó khăn.

The journey will officially commence in Tien Giang on January 20, 2024, and in Ho Chi Minh City on January 21, 2024. During this time, KLC Group will organize visits and gift deliveries to residents, nursing homes, and elderly care centers in the two provinces.


Hỗ trợ, chăm lo đời sống các cụ là mục tiêu và là sứ mệnh của “Hành trình hạnh phúc”. Ảnh: infonet
Supporting and caring for the lives of older people is the goal and mission of the “Journey of Happiness.”

“Journey of Happiness” has received a lot of support and companionship from members of the Group in the initial stages of implementing the program. Ms. Pham Tran Thuc Khue, a member of the Strategic  of KLC Group, shared: “When I heard about the ‘Journey of Happiness’ program, I strongly supported it. Because my family also has elderly members, and I know the happiness of old age is being with children and grandchildren. Therefore, seeing older people without family around is very touching. I hope the ‘Journey of Happiness’ will spread love and HAPPINESS as the program’s name suggests.”


Spreading the Cultural Value of “Happiness” to the Community


With a commitment to business development aligning with sustainable development, KLC Group greatly emphasizes contributing value to the community through volunteer activities to spread love and alleviate the difficulties faced by less fortunate lives outside.


Ms. Lam Nguyen, CEO of KLC Group, shared: “From the initial stages, KLC Group has aimed for sustainable development and a dedication to the community. The Group highly values the philosophy of ‘Giving is Receiving’ – receiving smiles and joy when we give. We hope that the positive values of the ‘Journey of Happiness’ program will spread strongly and deeply in society, contributing to improving the happiness index of the Vietnamese people, especially the elderly, as we approach the joyous Tet of the Year of the Dragon in 2024.”


Chuyến xe “Hành trình hạnh phúc” sẽ chính thức lăn bánh vào ngày 20 và 21/01/2024.

Through active participation in volunteer activities, KLC Group is gradually shaping a sustainable business, contributing to changing society’s face alongside enriching cultural values. Simultaneously, the company is fulfilling its mission of building a happy enterprise and sharing love with the community and society.


Stay tuned to KLC Group’s page for the latest updates on the “Journey of Happiness” program!