KLC Group continues to spread love, accompanying orphaned children dut to COVID-19

On the morning of January 19, 2024, at the auditorium of Nha Be district, the Women’s Union of the district organized the program “Gratitude from the Heart” to recognize and honor the contributions of businesses and units’ contributions to the community and society.


Numerous businesses and units operating in Nha Be attended the program, including KLC Group. Representing the corporation, Mr. Nguyen Duy Tuan, Director of Communication and External Relations of KLC Group, participated in the program.



During the ceremony, KLC Group continued its expression of love. It was honored to receive a certificate of appreciation from the Women’s Union of Nha Be district, recognizing the significant and silent contributions of the corporation to the community and society.



The corporation has actively participated in charitable activities and social welfare in Nha Be district in recent years. Notably, the program supporting ten orphaned children due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in collaboration with the Women’s Union of Nha Be district, has helped these children continue their education until they are 18.


Mr. Nguyen Duy Tuan, Director of Communication and External Relations, stated, “KLC Group always desires to contribute its small part to the community and society, especially after the significant consequences left by the COVID-19 pandemic. KLC Group believes that timely sharing of difficulties will help alleviate the hardships for the children, giving them more opportunities to pursue bright dreams.”


At the “Gratitude from the Heart” program, the corporation also awarded ten scholarships and activity fees, with a total value of nearly 200 million VND, to the ten children it had previously sponsored. These scholarships and support packages will motivate the children to continue their studies and strive for a better life.


The most touching thing was reading the thank-you letter from Bao Thi, one of the ten children that the corporation had supported from the early days. It is truly heartwarming that the “heart” of the corporation has been conveyed and practically assisted the children not only materially but also brought “spiritual value,” lighting up dreams and the future for the country’s younger generation.



The Women’s Union of Nha Be district expressed profound gratitude to the leadership and KLC Group for accompanying the union in the past, caring for and helping the children overcome difficulties, and stabilizing their lives.



This is also one of the activities demonstrating the commitment of KLC Group to the business going hand in hand with sustainable development, showcasing the role and responsibility that the corporation aims to fulfill in spreading love and sharing the burden, contributing to the steady progress on the journey to building a happy business.