[KLC Group] Celebrating the Value of Vietnamese Women in the “A Day of Love – A Whole Season of Love” Program

On the morning of October 20, 2023, KLC Group organized a mini-event with the theme “A Day of Love – A Whole Season of Love” to express gratitude to Vietnamese women in general and the “ladies” of the Group in particular.


It is no coincidence that nature kindly calls women “Phái đẹp” (the Fair Sex), as throughout the ages, the presence of these “ladies” has brought so much love, sweetness, and happiness to the world.


In modern life, Vietnamese women are no longer confined to the roles behind the doors of their homes but have more opportunities to develop themselves. As society evolves and grows, the graceful and adaptable nature of these women has enabled them to demonstrate exceptional problem-solving abilities and adaptability. Evidence of this is the increasing number of beautiful, independent, and dynamic women who excel not only as mothers and wives in their families but also in their careers, maintaining stability and shining in society.


On Vietnamese Women’s Day, October 20, KLC Group organized a mini-event not only to honor the value and role of women but also to strengthen the bonds and camaraderie among the staff and employees of the Group.


In addition to the gifts, all female KLC-ers also received many beautiful wishes from the leadership, signifying appreciation and recognition of the contributions of “the other half of the world” to the activities and development of the Group.


During the intimate gathering, Ms. Lam Nguyen, CEO of KLC Group, shared, “Today’s women are not only proactive in their development in many fields but also skillfully manage their time to fulfill their work while always taking good care of their families. They are not just beautiful, reliable, but also talented, and these are the outstanding women of KLC. On the occasion of October 20, I would like to send my warm wishes and profound thanks to all female staff and employees for your companionship and dedication to the Group.”


Through this, the female KLC-ers were deeply moved by the appreciation and spirit of encouragement from the Board of Directors and male colleagues within the company. Fueled by such sincere emotions, they will have even more motivation to strive in their work and contribute further to the sustainable development of KLC Group.


With all sincerity and profound respect, KLC Group once again wishes all female employees a joyful and warm October 20. May these “flowers” always shine, be determined, make efforts, and shine in their own unique way.


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