Have you ever wished to go back to the Mid-Autumn Festival of the past?

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam has likely existed for a long time, under the thick shadow of history and culture. Despite numerous debates about its origins, what matters most is that the Mid-Autumn Festival has become an indispensable part of Vietnamese life over the decades.



In the old days, the children in the neighborhood were always excited to stand by the bakery, watching the baker create delicious and enticing mooncakes. The sound of the mold hitting the table, the lively sound of folk songs, and the procession of lanterns filled with joy. In the darkness, the carp-shaped lanterns, lanterns made from beer cans, lanterns made of bamboo paper in the shape of fish, star lanterns, and more, shimmered and illuminated the surroundings, creating a beautiful scene.


The scene of welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival has changed significantly today.
As time goes by, society continues to develop, technology becomes increasingly advanced, and children no longer get to observe the process of making cakes as before. Instead, they are often taken by their parents to parks, bustling shopping centers… The mooncake shops have also changed significantly, with traditional mooncakes no longer being as simple as before, only containing lotus seed fillings and scented with lotus tea. Nowadays, there are various types of mooncakes with different flavors to cater to the diverse preferences of people… The lanterns have also undergone many upgrades. Instead of burning with candles, most of them are now powered by batteries with a variety of colors and diverse designs.
Today, there are thousands of different fillings to meet customers’ diverse preferences.

…Perhaps these changes have taken away some of the complete essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Some say that life has changed a lot. Children are absorbed in electronic devices, while adults are busy in the whirlwind of work. The Mid-Autumn Festival today is just a slightly more special day than the others in the year, no longer filled with excitement, eagerness, or running around with lanterns, watching lion dances. But ultimately, we still have to accept that circumstances change, and people change accordingly. The joys of each era are no longer the same. Each generation has its own perceptions and emotions. Adults reminisce about their childhood, while today’s children are excited and enjoy the lively and exhilarating atmosphere of the modern Mid-Autumn Festival.

Whether in the past or the present, the Mid-Autumn Festival is still an occasion for gathering, reunion, and warmth with family.

KLC Group wishes our valued customers, partners, and all employees a warm, happy, and peaceful Mid-Autumn Festival with your family and loved ones!
…Mid-Autumn Festival, September 29, 2023