[STAREAL] STAREAL And Vinhomes Have Become Strategic Partnership In The The 5Way Phu Quoc Project – Life Concepts

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement for The 5Way project between Vinhomes as the developer and the official distributor, STAREAL – a member of the KLC Group ecosystem, took place on the afternoon of October 5th. The signing event was held at the Grand Ball Room, Vinpearl Resort & Spa, Phú Quốc, and was attended by representatives from Vinhomes and the leadership team of STAREAL.


The 5Way Phu Quoc – Life Concepts 

The 5Way Phu Quoc – Life Concepts, featuring a pioneering beachfront apartment model in Phu Quoc, has been unveiled. With an abundant supply and a perfect blend of beachfront apartments for both living and vacation purposes, The 5Way Phu Quoc is expected to bring a new wave of growth to the Pearl island and the real estate market in the South in general.


The beachfront apartment complex, The 5Way Phu Quoc – Life Concepts, is considered attractive not only for customers seeking a beach-oriented, resort-style “home” but also for investors. This product line is poised to generate passive income when implemented as a rental model. The property portfolio will benefit from Phu Quoc’s future infrastructure development, as it is set to become the largest island economic center in the South, capitalizing on the potential of welcoming six million tourists to Phu Quoc annually.


Sự xuất hiện của The 5Way Phú Quốc chính là mảnh ghép hoàn thiện bức tranh đầu tư tại đảo Ngọc.
The appearance of The 5Way Phu Quoc is a pivotal piece in the investment puzzle on the Pearl Island.

In addition, the investor Vinhomes has recently launched a series of policies with four standout handover standards: Providing complete high-end furniture and amenities for the first 1000 customers who book before November 10 and sign the contract before December 15; Furnishing complete high-end furniture for customers who book before November 10 and sign the contract before December 15; Basic completion for customers with bookings and contracts and rough completion for customers without bookings and contracts.


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Stareal officially distributes The 5Way Phu Quoc project

The signing ceremony took place successfully that attended by representatives from Vinhomes and the leadership team of STAREAL.

Stareal, the official distributor, is honored to have been selected by Vinhomes as the primary distribution agent for The 5Way Phu Quoc project. With a successful track record of distributing various product lines, from mid-range to luxury condominiums and resort apartments, Stareal is confident in continuing its success with The 5Way project. Moreover, Stareal aims to bridge the gap by bringing the best residential and vacation properties to its customers.


Ký kết thỏa thuận hợp tác chiến lược giữa Vinhomes và stareal với sự chứng kiến của lãnh đạo hai bên.
The signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Vinhomes and Stareal, witnessed by the leadership of both parties.

Mr. Hao Nguyen – Vice CEO of Business & Marketing at STAREAL, shared: “STAREAL is proud to be the official F1 agent distributing The 5Way project, with a large and diverse portfolio that makes it easy for customers to find products that suit their needs. We believe that the collaboration between both parties will bring positive signals and exciting experiences for future residents in the Phu Quoc United Center, a super-resort community.”


Văn phòng đại diện của Stareal đang dần hoàn thiện tại Phú Quốc để chuẩn bị cho sự kiện kick-off vào ngày 30/10 sắp tới.
Stareal’s representative office in Phu Quoc is gradually being finalized in preparation for the upcoming kick-off event on October 30th.

With the motto “Customers are the priority,” Stareal has been establishing its name in the real estate market as an official distribution partner for various quality projects in Ho Chi Minh City, such as Akari City Phase 2 (by Nam Long Group), Glory Heights (by Vinhomes), and more. Stareal aims to be a trustworthy companion for its customers, helping them realize their dreams of homeownership and real estate investment.


In addition to promoting the sales of The 5Way project, Stareal is currently expanding its network of F2 agents to enhance marketing efforts and reach more customers with attractive commission policies and sustainable development opportunities for partners.


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