KLC News – Corporation Newsletter 02/2024

The Year of the Cat has passed with many imprints and lingering memories, as many flowers vie to showcase their vibrant colors, signaling a bright beginning for the Year of the Dragon in 2024. Immersed in the cool air as Tet approaches, families and individuals are busy preparing to decorate their homes, and the streets are bustling with the display and sale of pots of chrysanthemums, apricots, and peach blossoms.


In a special edition, KLC News will take you on a journey to explore the prominent activities of KLC Group in the festive atmosphere leading up to Tet, experiencing the cultural traditions of Vietnamese Tet, along with insights into the personal definitions of happiness during this Tet season.


As Lunar New Year 2024 is just around the corner, we extend our heartfelt wishes to our dear readers for a new year filled with “Peace in your homes – Prosperity and happiness throughout Tet!”