KLC Media introduces Viral Video project “Flooding Season – The Season of Dreams”

KLC Media, a company operating in the Media and Entertainment sector within the KLC Group ecosystem, has officially launched a film project on the cultural theme of cuisine titled “Flooding Season – he Season of Dreams.” This is the first episode in a series promoting Southwestern cuisine as part of the communication plan for the Mua Nuoc Noi restaurant chain.

Conveying the cultural values of the riverine region

The flooding season is a characteristic natural phenomenon of the Mekong Delta. The floodwaters annually bring shrimp, fish, and alluvium, enriching the rice fields. This abundant flow also gives rise to countless dreams of the local people.


Through the film “The Season of Dreams,” viewers can experience authentic and vivid images of life in the Mekong Delta.



The video begins with familiar scenes of riverine residents and children playing in the river with joyful laughter. Simultaneously, the clip takes viewers to enjoy images of a mother in the Mekong Delta preparing a meal for her family. Traditional dishes with a distinct Mekong Delta flavor, such as braised snakehead fish and sour soup with wild linh fish flowers, are displayed on the dining table. The love for the homeland and the affection for the taste of food evoke gratitude and a desire to express appreciation for the beloved motherland.


Through the film, the KLC Media team aims to create a product that touches the hearts of many viewers, making the audience love and take pride in their homeland even more.


Aspirations to preserve and promote Southwestern cuisine


In 2024, KLC Media plans to launch a series promoting Southwestern cuisine, and “The Season of Dreams” is the first episode in this series. Each film episode is a journey that immerses viewers in the natural scenery and allows them to appreciate each locality’s unique cultural and culinary values.


It is expected that after the first episode, “Lotus Culture and Dong Thap Province” will be the next destination—a place where new stories are about to be told through the lens of the KLC Media team.


KLC Media believes that cuisine is an essential part of the culture of every ethnic group. Preserving and promoting traditional dishes is a way for us to maintain the cultural identity of our homeland.

“Flooding Season – The Season of Dreams” is not just a story about cuisine but also an exquisite combination of art and cultural values. KLC Media and the Mua Nuoc Noi restaurant chain have created a product filled with inspiration and pride in the culture of the Southwestern region. Let’s explore and experience the footage and stories behind “Flooding Season – The Season of Dreams” together.