[KLC GROUP] Steadfast Transformation – Breaking Through to Success

KLC Group, on its journey of 6 years since its establishment, has marked a significant milestone in the creation of a solid foundation for the conglomerate.


In 2023, the global economy is facing numerous significant challenges, including an increasing trend of combating inflation. In Vietnam, economic conditions are forecasted to be challenging, with low growth, a stagnant real estate market, and subdued transactions.


In a climate that demands innovation, KLC Group, with its 6-year journey of establishment and development, has achieved a vital milestone in building a solid foundation for the conglomerate. Following a comprehensive restructuring phase, KLC Group is determined to establish a robust business platform where young talents can dedicate themselves to building a flourishing business.


KLC Group with the message "Steadfast Transformation, Breaking Through to Success"
KLC Group with the message “Steadfast Transformation, Breaking Through to Success”

KLC Group, with the message “Steadfast Transformation, Breaking Through to Success,” conveys a profound vision and strategic direction. It has identified essential factors for steadfast transformation and successful breakthrough. The focus is on diversifying industries, leveraging opportunities, and fostering innovative renewal to ensure the conglomerate’s continued growth and prosperity during challenging times.


With the communication message “Steadfast Transformation – Breaking Through to Success,” KLC Group aims to deliver a message of the conglomerate’s determination and aspiration to adapt to a challenging socio-economic market to its valued customers, shareholders, and partners. They commit to contributing to society’s development and offering groundbreaking business solutions for sustainable success.


KLC Group believes that steadfast transformation will bring about exceptional values to the community, leading toward a prosperous future, creating positive change, and achieving outstanding success.